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Improve your brain by merging math symbols to clear everything from the screen

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Last Plant On Earth

Play as a robot controlled by the last living plant and breathe life back into a desolate wasteland.

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Null Matter

Merge matter and antimatter particles to clear everything from the screen

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Infinite Launch

Colonize and discover all the planets in this open-world 2d pixel style galaxy

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You're a lonely robot in an abandoned dark structure with an unknown mission

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Find invisible enemies with the help of arrow-like creatures

Unwanted Gray logo

Unwanted Gray

Help an unwanted particle survive in a chaotic world

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Bermuda Triangle

Rotate, move, and teleport to destroy planes and boats by matching their colors.

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Telekinetic Pumpkin

Telekinetic Pumpkin is an arcade game where you play as a pumpkin that can do telekinetic things, such as teleports, and move objects with your mind.

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Simple Progress Tracker

Easily add tasks and track/manage your progress with a push of a button

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Task Destroyer

A game-styled to-do list app. Don't just complete the task, destroy it.

Simple Percentage Calculator Logo

Simple Percentage Calculator

The simplest percentage calculator, one page for all your calculation needs.

Hope Meter Logo

Hope Meter

Improve your life by reminding yourself about things you hope to achieve

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